Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getaway 2012 (Tuesday Afternoon)

159 students, 32 small group leaders, and over 50 additional people helping anywhere from in the kitchen to on stage arrived at at camp yesterday afternoon to kick off Getaway 2012.  We had a great first night!

Camp really got started after dinner when our students met in their small groups for the very first time.  it was amazing to see 16 small groups full of Parkwood students and their leaders spread out all over Garden City Chapel.  After the first Bible study we packed into the worship room for our first worship service lead by our worship band and Pastor Jeff.  Since the theme of Getaway 2012 is "The Way" Pastor Jeff is preaching through a clear explanation of the gospel during the night services.

After worship we had our first Late Nite with the boys taking a 2-1 advantage over the girls.  Then it was off to bed and back up this morning for breakfast, morning worship, recreation (team building games), and small group time.

You can listen to the first two messages from Getaway here.

Follow Getaway on twitter with the hashtag #Getaway2012.

See pictures from Getaway at www.facebook.com/parkwoodstudents

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