Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getaway Update (Thursday Afternoon)

The beach was much calmer yesterday during free time so more of our students headed out to the ocean for some fun in the sun and waves.  Several of our students (and adults) also participated in a basketball tournament in addition to the other fun free time activities.

After free time and dinner our students headed to their small groups for a time of prayer before coming into evening worship.  During the worship service Pastor Chad allowed students to stand and read passages from the Bible over the rest of the group (this has become a camp favorite for many of our students).  Pastor Jeff preached from Ephesians 5.  He challenged the camp to realize that the days we live in are full of evil and that God has given us instructions about avoiding that evil.

After worship and some ice cream form Painters our interns hosted the last Late Nite of Getaway 2011.  The score was tied 3-3 going into the night but the girls dominated night 3 and walked away the Late Nite champions.

This morning I closed out the Esther story with a challenge to die to Christ to truly be used by him.

The last recreation of camp (which is happened right now) is a photo scavenger hunt so we have teams running all over Garden City right now.

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