Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getaway Podcast

We've finally gotten the podcasts working from Getaway.  We've uploaded all morning and evening messages here.  Enjoy!

Getaway Blog- Day 2 & 3a

Sorry for not having an update yesterday.  We've had some internet issues.

Monday night ended with our first Late Nite.  The guys competed against the girls in a peel and eat lemon challenge, hair style challenge, and balloon and pantyhose challenge with the guys sweeping the night.  After Late Nite our students were sent off to their rooms and some went to bed on time and other, well, let's just say they sleep better for night two.

Tuesday morning began with our first Morning Celebration with a morning show hosted by our two American soccer hooligans  (Kem Lindsay & Casey Shaw) who read news from the day and award group leader of the day.  Our worship team lead in worship and Matt Agee began our morning sermon series out of Isaiah 6.  Matt challenged our students to be confronted with the holiness of God.  Recreation on Tuesday was team building games, with most everyone's favorite being the group skiing game.  Small group Bible study #2 returned to the book of Daniel to see that the truth of God is to be shared with others.  Free time saw most of our students at the beach and in the water until an attack by jellyfish larva that caused all of them to head for the shore in a hurry.  Last night's worship was incredible with Jeff challenging our students to see how Jesus was holy in his birth, life, death, and is still holy.  He also presented the gospel last night.  Please pray for our students who are lost that heard the gospel last night.  We ended the night again with Late Nite.  The girls finally won a late night game but the boys are still winning 5-1.

Wednesday morning began with Celebration and were greeted again by our soccer hooligans.  Dustin preached the second message from Isaiah 6 and challenged our students to understand their sin in light of the holiness of God.  Our student had water day at recreation with giant water balloons and water buckets everywhere.  Their 3rd small group Bible study was back in the book of Daniel to see that God would always be with them.  More later...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Getaway Blog- Day 1

Our Buses all arrived on time and Getaway got underway with orientation (yes, we cover the rules first) and then our students headed off for a fried chicken dinner.  After dinner, our students found out what small groups they were in and had there first small group Bible study based on the book of Daniel.  Today's study focused on standing firm against the trials and temptations of the world.  After Bible study our students worship with Chad Pollard and Band and then heard the first Getaway message from Pastor Jeff.  Jeff will be focusing on the Holiness of God this week with his main text being 1 Peter 1:13-16.  Students learned that the LORD is holy in all he says and does.  They were challenged by Jeff to leave the wadding pool get into the breakers.  It's almost time for late nite to start with loud and crazy games and videos then off to bed.  It has stormed here for the past couple hours but that hasn't slowed our students down one bit!  More tomorrow...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getaway Blog- Load and Travel Day

For most of our Getaway participants camp has not yet started.  But for a few of us, Getaway began the minute pastor Jeff said "amen" this morning (that is, if you don't count the weeks we've been preparing).  Today the advance team loaded up the trailer and headed to the beach.  Our set and sound system is much larger than it has ever been and everything almost didn't make it into the trailer.  Dustin and Brandon are great puzzle builders and finally got it all to work.  We arrived at the beach this evening to hard rain and a pretty tremendous lightening storm.  Most of our team will sleep late in the morning and get ready for setup and the arrival of our buses full of students.  I can't wait to see what God is going to do in the lives of our students this week!  Bed now, more tomorrow...