Thursday, August 26, 2010

REFUGE Kickoff & New 6th Graders

We had an amazing time at the Porch last night for our first REFUGE of the school year and new 6th Grade transition class.  Last night's service confirmed for me that we made the right decision combining our middle and high school services into one.  There was a great energy in the room and our high school students seemed to really embrace the task of mentoring the younger students who came.  I began a new series last night called "Godly Training" which will take us all the way through the book of 1 Timothy.  This series will last until the end of January when our 6th grade students finish their small groups and begin coming to REFUGE.  Speaking of our 6th grade students, we had 36 new 6th graders last night show up at the Porch for the first time.  AMAZING!!!  Most of them were somewhat timid (as you would expect) but by the end of the night they were about to bust down the door to the big room so they could get in there to play. I'm very excited about this new 6th grade group and our new format for moving them into the student ministry.  They've got great leaders who are going to take good care of them!

I've got one last thing to say about last night before I go.  There was definitely a sense last night that God was doing something in our midst.  There was an energy and excitement unlike anything I've felt on Wednesdays in my time as the student pastor at Parkwood.  Here's my prayer: that what God began last night will continue to build amongst our students.  I am praying for momentum for this ministry going into the fall.  I am praying that students will begin to embrace the challenge of inviting friends to come with them every week to REFUGE.  I am praying that the Porch will be packed with students from all over Gaston county who are coming to worship and hear the Word of God proclaimed.  Please join me in praying for God to do this in our midst!